Wednesday, January 13, 2010

#24 - Moto

We did the 20-course tasting at Moto two days ago.

If you don't know Moto, it's a molecular gastronomy restaurant on Fulton Street where chef Homaro Cantu revels in making food look like one thing and taste like another.

This is our second visit and, while our first time was a top-three restaurant experience as we had a great time with the waiter, the food was probably better this time.

Much of our memory, though, will be scarred by the four-top of asshats two tables down that didn't understand that the small space was being entirely taken over by their loud and boring douchebaggery. For example, near the end, the loudest of the bunch thought his dining mates were actually interested in his commute schedule and what speed it took to hit all the green lights and how that compared to leaving at 8am as opposed to 8:30am. It was your typical, young, ad sales-types that thought they were foodies and the rest of the room should know this.

I'm not going to go over each course individually. Just list the meal and the wine pairings to the extent that I can remember. The great ones, food that will be remembered a year from now, are in blue. Good ones that made the 4 1/2 hour excursion worth the trip are in red.

On that time commitment, just like Alinea a few years ago, we started to struggle toward the end (something not helped by a 20-minute gap around the 14th course).

But, if anything, every now and then, seeing the re-conceptualization of food makes it worth the greenbacks and time. Cantu likes screwing with perceptions in an original way.

I will say, though, with the food we have at home and with our wine collection growing, this type of thing is becoming less and less a needed thing.

Again, spectacular in blue, pretty great in red and I'll add a category. Stuff that fell a bit flat in mustard yellow.

Moto's 20 course GTM:

Garlic Bread
Denver Omelet
- NV J. Lasselle, Imperial Preference, Chigny Les Roses, Brut
French Onion Soup
- 1990 Balthasar Ress, Johannisberger Klaus Spatlese Riesling
Urban Garden
- 2008 Yealands, Seaview Vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough
Fruits de mar
- 2007 J.M. Brocard, Montmains Chablis
Loaded Fries
- 2006 Domaine de l'Oratoire St. Martin, Haut-Coustias, Carianne
Virgin Mary
Cigar de Cuba
- 2000 Luis Pato, Premiera Escholha, Beiras
Rabbit Maki
- 2007 Soter North Valley Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley
Reuben Lasagna
- 2006/7 Frog's Leap Merlot, California
- 2007 Caduceus Primer Paso Syrah, California
CO2 Pineapple & Jerk
Duck & Molé
- 2005 Truchard Zinfandel, Carneros
Cereal Flakes?
Rainbow Sprinkles
- Wild Blossom Meadery, Sweet Desire, South Chicago
Squash Forms
Burger With Cheese
Acme Bombs
Chocolate, Truffles
Root Beer Float
- Two double espressos with the last four. I think we missed the last two wine offerings.

Mr. Cantu, you are wonderful.

And I thank you.

The Urban Garden with the Sauvignon Blanc pairing was the surprise of the night and will be remembered. Loaded Fries was just fantastic. The Cigar de Cuba, though, was the absolute star. It's as good as it gets.

Going over the entire thing would bore me to tears so I'll just say it's Thoughtful and Fun.

Worth the time and money?

Um.................................yeah. Sure, why not?

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