Thursday, January 14, 2010

#25 - Chicken Breasts/Pumpkin Risotto & '05 Hungarian White

I discussed Hungarian whites in a catch-all post two weeks ago on a trip to Ceres' Table.

We have little experience with such things but the ones (three now?) we have had have been delicious, balanced and incredibly food-friendly.

Tough to find, nothing too expensive when you do and entirely worth the effort.

Dinner was Chicken Breasts, Pumpkin Risotto and Arugula Salad with Balsamic and Pumpkin Seeds paired with Big Chef Takes On Little Chef, a show that I want to like as it's a good concept but it's struggling to authentically ramp up the drama.

Big, honkin', herbed-up chicken breasts with a squash risotto recipe modified with pumpkin.

Just a really good, clean meal. Fresh. Nothing too dense but still filling.

The 2005 Királyudvar Tokaji Sec, with the gray hairs this one is already showing, is a gracefully aging wine showing a touch of floral notes, a wee bit of oil, lemon and exotic fruits with a medium finish. Dry and a tad herbal. A hint of sugar amps up the exotic fruits here and there (I've read guava and that would be a good description). Great stuff.

You can read more about it here (we've had a Nero d'Avola - Nerojbleo - from the other winery discussed in the piece and while hit and miss from bottle to bottle, it can be quite good).

The pairing was as close to perfect as our understanding of wine pairings knows.

Extremely food-friendly and should be quite versatile, the wine had just enough acidity to hold up to everything on the plate and had a beautiful harmony with every bite. No complaints about anything. Nothing fell short.

That little bit of oil and herbs elevated the entire dinner to a great food and wine pairing.

Search this one out.

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