Monday, February 1, 2010

#31 - Crock Pot Chicken & NV Demi-Sec Sparkling Vouvray

Quick one today.

Took work off last night, making it possible to have a sit-down meal instead of Aldi Cordon Bleu Sunday.

Food: Asian crock pot chicken with mâche and baguette with butter

Quick and easy crock pot chicken cooked with asian flavors of soy, ginger and scallion. Juice from the crock pot on the side for dipping.

For the quickness of the preparation, it turned into a solid little meal. The juice made it by giving everything something to mix and match with: Chicken with a dip, bread with a dip, chicken and bread with a dip, greens with generous amounts of dip splashed over it.

Good stuff.

Wine: Non-Vintage Domaine Vigneau Chevreau Demi-Sec Vouvray ($18 - WDC?)

Chenin blanc-based semi-dry sparkling, blended with grapes from different years (wrong picture to the right - only one I could find).

We liked this one in the past with jerk chicken. More very dry than off-dry with mostly green apple fruit. Notes say beeswax and honey. Yeah, a bit. Not much but it's in the background.

This one's on wine lists all over town, including Blackbird.

Pairing: Wouldn't do it again

Compared to when we had this sparkling Vouvray with jerk chicken, it fell kinda flat.

And that might be because the jerk chicken brought some heat. A little spice probably would have woken up this wine and brought the fruit to life along with a more honey sweetness.

Now we know.

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