Thursday, December 10, 2009

#13 - Hanger Steak, Yuca & Miguel Torres Chilean Cabernet

If you're ever stuck in the wine store over what wine to get and want to keep the budget low, you can rarely go wrong with anything by Miguel Torres. And believe me, there will be 12,000 different choices from the guy.

Torres mostly makes approachable wines in the northeastern region of Spain but he has vines everywhere in Spain for the most part. He's also a huge name in Chile, accounting for 4 million bottles a year.

We don't drink Cabernet much. It's not our thing. And I can't remember the last time I drank a Chilean Cabernet.

This bottle was given as a gift and had to be drunk soon in order to avoid hurt feelings. We had no expectations really, but were quite surprised.

Food: Hanger Steak with Chimichirri and Yuca Fries over Arugula

Big fans of hanger and yuca here. Yuca and mayo never gets old. And never will. Best. Fries. Ever.

With the chimichurri, the entire meal are Argentinean-ish with the pan-Latin yuca goodness added on.

This meal used to be a staple in the Ney household. Great to revisit it. Always good stuff.

Wine: 2006 Miguel Torres Cabernet Sauvignon Curicó Valley Manso de Velasco Old Vines - $20 Costco

Instead of the usual fruit bomb New World Cabernet offers, this one's more subtle and balanced. Still big, just doesn't stand up and say, "Look at me! I'm Cabernet!" like most New World Cabs.

Tons of plum, a little chocolate and sage. The wine allows you to get to the mid-palate without it screaming to notice it. Smooth, seamless. Nice underlying notes of fig. Everything's well-integrated, letting you find new things with each sip. Low tannins. Round mouthfeel.

For people who don't like Cabernet, this is a good one. If it was a little more earthy, could have been a great bargain Bordeaux if tasted blind.

Pairing: Fully functional

Really kicked up with the hanger steak, leaving a wonderful, long finish, bringing out a little cinnamon, maybe. Really nice with the yuca and mayo. A bit oaky with yuca alone. Pleasant with the arugula by itself, a rare thing for many reds.

The wine made for a meal greater than the sum of its parts. Can't ask for more.

And it's from Costco!

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