Friday, January 6, 2017

Tomato Crostata with 2014 Domaine Glinavos Paleokerisio

A quick pairing that's characteristic of the weekday food made in this house.

Or. Check that. This tomato crostata with honey-thyme glaze, from Melissa Clark of NYT Cooking, makes for an utterly satisfying weekend meal done on the (fairly) quick and cheap.

It has everything: a flaky, buttery crust; lil punches of thyme; a light background body of cheese; a garden-quality "abbondanza!" glut of tomatoes (multi-colored used on this one - pic above is from a previous) and an arugula "eats your greens!" side salad that rounds everything out.

It's Happy Food and Bistro Food, food that Mrs. Ney has made a lot over the last year and a half, because it doesn't get old. Walking through the aisles thinking about dinner plans and find cheap tomatoes at your local green grocer? Make this. Just...make it.

And maybe drink some $12 Greek orange wine with it. It's $12. Twelve. Available at Vin Chicago. It's another somethin'-somethin' that works on weekdays (because it's cheapy-cheap) or weeknights (because it's fancy with the right food).

Made from the local Debina, Vlahiko, and Bekari grapes (never heard of any of them), it goes through prolonged skin contact, hence its orangey-ness. Off-dry and semi-sparkling, with smoked orange/tangerine peel backed up by heavily-spiced poached pear. Friendly and long, with lovely dried baking spices on the finish. Tons of energy here.

It was delicious here on a cold-ass Chicago day. And this tart works with a ton of moderately zingy whites, like grüner or a Portuguese white blend. But, with this Greek orange goodness, might I recommend Yotam Ottolenghi chorizo chicken with baby peppers and potatoes (38% of the way down the page)? We've done that pairing twice over the last few months and that's chorizo juice-chicken Love. That's get-your-hands-dirty, finger lickin' stupidity.      

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